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Seva Bharathi(R) Mangalore

A non-profit, voluntary service organization set up in 1991 to help people in distress. Since then it has touched the lives of many people in its effort to help the needy. In the last two decades of its existance, with the help of many professionals in various fileds and concerned citizens, Seva Bharathi successfully started many projects and today they continue to server those that need the most.

All are our activities are run mainly on donations from general public, financial & charitable institutions.

Here is a Glance at our reputable Projects :-

Chetana Child Development Centre

Well known as Chetana, was established in 1992. This center is for the children and young adults with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental challenges. The Children with above mentioned difficulties are provided with therapeutic and educational services encompassing early intervention, academic and non formal education, vacational training and respite care.


Autism, a childhood communication disorder is on the increase for reasons not known. It is crucial to diagnose and intervene children with Autism before they reach the age of two years. Currently there is no facility in Mangalore or in the district of Dakshina Kannada (DK) to treat these children. The parents have to take their children to Bangalore and stay with them for the duration of treatment, which is very expensive and sometimes not very practical. Also it is beyond means of many. Due to Seva Bharathi’s experience in running the institutions like “Chetana Child Development Centre”, we were urged to start a early diagnostic and intervening center for Autism in Mangalore. We are up to the challenge and the unit will be start operating from Mar 22nd, 2014.

Roman & Catherine Lobo Schoold For The Blind

A new beginning has been made with the setting up of a full-fledged School for the Blind of D. K., Udupi & surrounding districts. Now it has become possible for them to study in a residential School for the Blind in D. K. alone.
We have started a new project named “Roman & Catherine Lobo School for the Blind”. This Residential School for the Blind has been started at a fully furnished building donated for / with the specific purpose by a Philanthropist Ms. Carmine Bosse Nee Lobo. The School with all facilities has started functioning 02.10.2009 at 3rd Cross, Kotakani Road, Bejai-Kapikad, Mangalore. Visually impaired Children from 5 Years to 15 Years from STD I to STD VII are admitted. In addition to Braille & Formal education, Computer education, training in music & games are also provided.

Our wish is to make the sighted people aware that the visual impairment is neither a disease nor a curse, it is a problem which can be solved through proper guidance & rehabilitation. Given an opportunity, these people can also lead a normal life. In the long term our goal is to make the visually challenged stand on their own feet and open to them the wide doors of knowledge based Society and create opportunities for them with the hope that they will play a role in the Nation Building. The admission and training to visually challenged children are provided free of cost.

Mobile Neuro Sensory Developmental Theraphy Unit

This new Project which is the first of its kind in South India has been introduced by us with the help of M/s Hindusthan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. This mobile vehicle with all therapy equipments will travel to remote areas for the benefit of the challenged children residing in Rural and other areas in the outskirts of Mangalore & in the D. K. District, who do not have any access to the Special Schools. The mobile therapy unit brings the Challenged Children in the rural areas with the main stream. This was realized based on the feedback from various Camps arranged by us for the issue of identity cards for the challenged. We had contacted H. P. C. Ltd. in this connection and they came forward to donate a full fledged vehicle which is having a Neuro Sensory Unit in the vehicle. The vehicle after body building, padding etc., was delivered to us by the regional manager, Sri Chatter Singh on 31.03.2009.

The fully furnished vehicle with a Physiotherapist and an assistant will go to places in and around Mangalore (especially Schools & Anganwadis) i.e. Surathkal & Bantwal with prior notice / appointment to help the the needy children in different areas.


A forum for the challenged and their parents, established in 1998, Asha Jyothi meets once in a month. Members comprise children and adults with Mental Retardation, Physical disabilities, Speech and hearing impairments or any other handicap. These meetings are an occasion for getting together, playing indoor and outdoor games, painting, drawing, craft work or just spending time together. This will also help them to interact and deal with the problems together. It acts as a motivational force and is a place to share problems and find solutions from others in similar situations. Counselling sessions are held and experts in connected fields are regularly invited to interact.
Asha Jyothi arranges picnic / excursion with the group for its members, Special Children / Teachers of Chetana and volunteers in various projects of Seva Bharathi which is a welcome change from routine for all the participants as they fully enjoy the outing.

Yearly Carnivals / Melas by name “Vishishtarigagi Vishishta Mela” are being conducted at Mangalore every year inviting dignitaries to preside as Chief Guests / Guests. Children enjoy amusement games like merry-go-round, giant wheel, swings etc. Kite flying demonstration is being carried out by the world renowned “Team Mangalore”. Stalls distributing ice candy, sweets, chocolates, charumuri, banana, bhel puri, lussi etc. free of cost to all the participants are being arranged. Fire Brigade of Mangalore displays fire fighting and life saving techniques. Free medical check up is also arranged for the participants by Specialist Doctors in various fields. The mela has been a grand success with total attendance of over 600 every time. Camps were arranged to assess and identify the challenged and identity cards for the challenged persons are provided free of cost in Mangalore & B. C. Road and in these special camps conducted for this purpose in Mangalore & B. C. Road in which nearly 1000 people have benefited.

AASARE (A Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen)

In order to imbibe dynamism, renew the happiness and provide them support to accomplish mental tranquility. Day Care Centre for the Senior Citizens was inaugurated in the premises of Chetana on 4th October 2009. Here, various Equipments are provided for Physical exercises to strengthen the muscle & joints under the guidance of Specialists & Physiotherapists. Magazines / Periodicals & news papers are also provided. The members can also make use of their time with the special children of Chetana through fun & dance and it is an opportunity to rekindle their childhood memories.
We are conducting Medical Camp for Senior Citizens at Kumble Ramadas Rangappa Nayak Charitable Trust Building every third Saturday of the month from 9.30 A. M. to 11.30 A. M. and on an average 50 persons take benefit of the same. At the same place on every Saturday evening 4.30 P.M. to 5.30 P. M. for Senior Citizens ,Yogasana Camp is conducted.


Since 1991, Seva Bharathi conducts weekly medical camps to provide free screening and diagnosis for a range of medical problems, Drugs and medication are also provided free of cost. Several people benefit from this service every week. These camps were conducted at Kavoor, Kotimura and Kodical in the outskirts of Mangalore. Presently Weekly Camps are conducted only at Kodical wherein more than 10,000 People have registered at the medical camp since last Nineteen Years.

Seva Bharathi also conducts special camps like Dental, Gynecological, Cancer Detection, Eye, Camps for Senior Citizen periodically in addition to the weekly camps. These are conducted mostly in Rural & Backward areas of Mangalore in association with a) Matha Amrithanandamayee Matt b) Kasturba Medical College / Hospital and c) Govt. Wenlock Hospital.

Blood Donation Camps

Seva Bharathi organizes regular blood donation camps all over Mangalore and its outlying areas since 1992. Its activities are coordinated with several blood banks in the city to help those in need. These are held in association with Kasturba Medical College / Hospital, Government District Wenlock Hospital, Indian Red Cross Society Unit at Athena Hospital etc. so far we have conducted 130 Blood Donation Camps and have collected nearly 3690 Units till now.

Our Trust provides blood transfusion to Children with Thalassaemia, a chronic severely debilitating genetic disorders. The affected child requires blood transfusion regularly right from infancy without which survival is not possible.

Assistive Devices Bank

This unit was set up in view of our receiving inquiries regarding Medical Equipments like Wheelchairs, Crutches, Walkers, Cots etc. for those with chronic illnesses or temporary handicaps. This facility has become very popular and has benefited victims of accidents, elderly people with temporary handicaps, those with chronic repeated illnesses and children requiring intensive short – term Physiotherapy at home. The Equipments were also used by M/s. Big Bazaar for giving training to their staff in handling Persons with Disabilities and Mata Amrithanananda Mayee Matt during the visits of Sri Amma to Mangalore.


While working with Seva Bharathi’s many projects, it was felt that a range of problems were being dealt with which required professional inputs and a regular counselling centre for those in distress. With this in mind, Disha, our Family Counselling Centre was inaugurated in 2004 in co-ordination with Samanvaya (a community support organization based in Udupi). At present, Counsellors of Disha attend to the clients / needy only on appointment.

Learning  Challenges Project

This is a term used to describe children who in spite of adequate intelligence level and educational opportunities, have difficulty in school learning. Our special educators worked with dyslexia / learning challenged children in various regular schools in Mangalore, mainly: Canara Higher Primary School, Canara Kannada Medium School, Nalanda Higher Primary School, Besant English School, Gujarathi School & Ganapathi High School. Our educators also teach regular children with learning disability from various schools in and around Mangalore at Chetana on saturdays & holidays.

WORKING WITH POOR FAMILIES by providing academic & health assistance to the children & families.
Social Workers of Seva Bharathi work intensively with families in slum areas in Mangalore City. The focus of attention is the Children of the area, who are the first generation learners and need help in every area of academic learning. They are tutored everyday in all subjects in order to cope up with their academic workload. We are also involved in providing health assistance to the poor families and meeting / reimbursing the medical expenses of poor especially HIV Patients & Children in the Government Hospitals like Lady Goshen Hospital & District Wenlock Hospital.


Several Medical Camps were conducted by our Medical experts in nearby areas like Kasargod (Kerala State) & Belthangady where children are continuously exposed to arial spraying of Endosulfan. Children with neuro-psychiatric problems, congenital malformations, scholastic problems, hormonal imbalance and atopic manifestations were identified. Some of these Children were given Medical & Surgical relief in association with the Local Administration.
Our Team has also worked in two villages in Bagalkot district for survey and detected several Post polio Paralysis. An attempt has been made to rehabilitate them through State Department for Persons with disabilities.
Seva Bharathi is distributing Vegetable seeds, Papaya and Coconut Saplings to promote Kitchen Gardening among the Weaker Sections of the Community. These were distributed amongst the backward colonies at Kodical, Valencia and Urva Stores area of Mangalore.

VIVAHA VEDIKE (Marriage Bureau)

Managed by only Lady Volunteers of Seva Bharathi, this bureau is working at Anandashrama Building, Mannagudda, Mangalore since 1984. For more than 25 Years, this Bureau has very successfully helped sort out the difficulties of many a families of Mangalore in selecting prospective Brides and Bridegrooms.


As a part of social awareness, the Yogasana & Sanskrit Sambhashana Shibiras are regularly held at Various High Schools in Mangalore. Sanskrit conversation & Cultural Programmes are also conducted. Yogasana Camps are also held with special emphasis on women. Seva-vrithis in charge of this project are also sent for training programmes held at New Delhi & Banaras.


This Project was launched to motivate & help the inmates of Orphanages / Old Age Homes and Hospitals. Apart from Group counseling drugs were also provided free of cost.


This is a Clinic wherein Children below the age group of less than 3 Years, born with Physical handicaps are identified and treated. This is arranged in association with Dept. of Pediatrics & Physiotherapy, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. This Project is supported by the National Institute for Mental Health, Hyderabad. Infants who have suffered brain damage are identified very early and treatment is initiated to rehabilitate them. If these are left alone without adequate stimulation or treatment, their condition is likely to worsen & they are likely to develop secondary handicaps.


We conducted special eye camps for children and adults from economically backward families. After eye testing free spectacles were provided to the needy persons. Counseling on eye donation was also given at various camps.

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